My artistic practice pertains to the area of graphic arts. In my pursuits, I initially alternated between artistic printmaking in traditional techniques and graphic design in digital technology (many years of work for newspapers) to subsequently evolve into consciously drawing upon possibilities which both of these techniques offer in terms of print creation.

Exploring sources of imagination and inspiration, transposing them onto a visible image, their mutual relations and directions of their osmosis – these are areas of my interest. They also encompass a strong experience of the word, both written and read, as a factor stimulating the formation of mental images. It is such images that become transformed into nuclei of artistic concepts and formal constructions.

Constant note-taking – of words and images alike, in copybooks and on loose pages, manually and via digital devices – morphs incessantly to finally become something akin to an action as natural as breathing. It is indispensable to sustain and animate the world of imagination.
A fleeting nature of impressions, concepts, and images renders them extremely short-lived – when unrecorded, they disappear.

What is left is a question whether those recorded and then processed images stand a chance of independent existence, whether a mental image may become materialised as an added value in the visible world.