Słońca i Księżyce [Suns and Moons] Project (2015-2017)

The project consists of two cycles of aquatints: Słońca i Księżyce [Suns and Moons] and Fragmenty [Fragments], a cycle of blindprints entitled Wschody i zachody [Risings and Settings], a digital cycle entitled Kolekcja [Collection], and five objects entitled Matryce – gabloty [Matrices – Display Cases].

Słońca i Księżyce [Suns and Moons] – Solo Exhibitions
2015 –  Two parallel worlds. The supplement or opposition (an exhibition in the frames of IMPACT 9 International Printmaking Conference), China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, (Chiny)
2017 –  Dwoistość i przenikanie – paradoksy interpretacyjne [Duality and Infiltration – Interpretative Paradoxes], MCSG (org. SMTG), Krakow
2017 – Kolekcja – matryce [Collection – Matrices], Galeria Pryzmat, Krakow